Dmitry Soin: Transdniestria is expected to have a great mystical future!

Март 2, 2005

Roman Konoplev interviewed one of the most scandalous «drab cardinals» of Transdniestria.

D.S. is the legendary figure of the Transdniestria political bomond. In 1990 had founded first non communist youth organization «Russkaja pesnya», after that in the middle of the 90-th he was got into the anthology «Extremists and Russian extremist organizations», that was established by Proshechkin.

In time the present Moldavian president Voronin had the dull appearance in front of him and the hands on the hood, when he had been detained in the town Bendery in 1998. At that time the leader of Moldavian communists was perspiring abundantly, was swearing in fidelity to the Ministry of Governmental Security and was begging of him for letting him go home. For that, and not only, as he had become a president, he enrolled Soin in private enemies.

Dmitriy went through several attempts on his life. Till nowadays he belongs to the list on annihilation, that was compiled by Moldavian special services, he is reported to be the director of Transdniestrian branch of The Soviet of the National Strategy, he is the associate professor of The Transdniestrian Universitys department of politology and sociology, the major of the MGS, journalist and political technologist, who practices yoga and meditation. He hadnt lost any election campaign. Even when had to excoriate local oligarchs. Recent years Soin has been generating new generation of Transdniestrian politicians. The most ambitious and successful media projects are ascribed to him.

Two days, a few hours in traffic: television, private offices of the Ministry of Governmental Security, the bank of the river Dniestr, the Universitys lecture hallsThe result is in front of you.

R. K.: — What is it Transdniestria?

D. S.: — Transdniestria is the place, where geopolitical interests of the West, of the East, and of the North and of the South are simultaneously coincided and clashed. It has been taking place for ages yet. Everybody dreamt to grasp this tempting morsel: in the past Tatar hordes were nomads here, the North of the Republic was the part of the Polish Lithuanian Principality, to the South of the river Jagorlyk — Turks dominated. Ukrainian Cossacks were situated here for a long time. Then had arrived the earl Suvorov and with one successful bayonet blow he closed the books on the Transdniestrian question for almost 200 years. The collapse of the Eurasian quasyimpire The USSR once again tightened the Transdniestrian knot up to limit. The reasons, according to which the fights for the territory of Transdniestria by no means weaken, are clearly understandable: The TMR Is one of the vital centers of Eurasia. The possession of this center in spite of its small territory and insignificant number of population gives the right to pretend on the role of Eurasian empire. The Balkans, The Northern Black Sea coast and The Carpathians, and The Crimea are turned to be easy ranged from Tiraspol Geopolitical axis Moscow Kiev Belgrade is impossible without participating of The TMR. Outstretching along the left bank of the river Dniestr attaches to Transdniestria geostrategic values and permits to control transport nets on line Asia The Balkans. If somebody doesnt want eastern Slaves to reduce to the marginalious ethno-religious group, then among the others they are needed to crowd out of Transdniestria. And untrifling interest to the region from the direction of The USA and NATO is by no means accidental.

— The president Smirnov is he politician of the past or of the future?

— He is the politician of the present that is directed toward the future. Your promulgation states your position as the president Smirnov is a politician of the period of Jelzin and I dont agree with this point of view. Yes, he operated in that period of time, but he differed qualitatively from the so-called Society of reorganization. Even if that thing, that he fought for conservation of the great Motherland, and exactly this way of thinking was very unpopular and dangerous in Jelzins epoch. As distinct from the absolute major of political leaders on the post soviet space, Smirnov didnt have top-level-political roots, contacts with Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), he wasnt a part of the party elite. There were many presidents: Shevardnadze, Kravchuk, Aliev, and again the president of Moldova Voronin — is the person originally from the party top-level. Smirnov is from another surroundings. He is manufacturer. Its, probably, in keeping with new generation of Russian governors. In time exactly that thing that he wasnt a top-level unit saved him from defeats. After all party top-level thinking paralyzes frequently the political will. I suppose that Smirnov was always considered to think in such way: that the base of politics is economics, and that the independence of Moldova must be confirmed by welfare of citizens. Thats why, at any price, even in conditions of economic blockade, the standard of living in Transdniestria will always be higher rather than in Moldova. That fact that Smirnov is the person of Jelzins epoch confirms his originality, his inborn intuition he is extremely far not only from close ties of party functionary, city-committees, regional-committees, he is far from PR-technologies, which dragged more dead than alive Jelzin on the political arena of the end of the 90-th. As for the time they are people of one epoch. As for the qualitative content they are not. Try to remember how submitting to PR-technologists with the crushed heart had to dance and to swing on childs swings Smirnov would never afford it.

For many long years Igor Nikolaevich is the political embodiment of the Republic, he had been created the Republic. From the point of political metaphysics view, his mission will be ended with the recognition of the Transdniestria. But inasmuch as the struggle may last a long time, in front of the Transdniestrian elite is appeared the question about acceptable mechanisms of the powers transmission. However, both today and tomorrow Smirnov will be the brightest figure in Republic. Have a look, who thirst now for the power? To whom we may entrust? To Buchatski, who lied down under Kishinev, and became friends with the terrorist Sh. Uritu? В«The Independent MoldovaВ» publishes his libels; he is like a Vlasovets at the enemys camp with them there. Or to the Communist Radchenko, that is similar to Bulgakovs Sharikov? Or, may be, to Saphonov that, by the way, is the most intellectual and decent from the brilliant assemblage of oppositionists-figures, but in the process he publishes his newspaper using American money, and he doesnt conceal it? Try to remember all the elections of the past. There always is the certain power that finances oppositionists of Smirnov. And, as we see, its without results. Every president has his own mission. Smirnov will discharge sooner or later his own mission he will achieve the recognition of the sovereignty of our Republic.

In Transdniestria lives a great quantity of honest people; they support our leadership and president, but not at all. However, by their own will, they dont go to the opposition, only for that reason that their actions may play into the hands of the absolute enemy Moldova. Transdniestrians are very wise people and they understand that its not time for inside squabbles. However, there is another problem. Many officials cover up their actions by our Republic. There are degenerates. There is a corruption and stealing. If you disturb such a person youll hear squeal: you destroy the Republic. Such is the law of genre, that heroes dont become officials. Heroes of the war and those people, who were in trenches, werent able to nudge and to shout: give me, give me Now frequently their families live in utter poverty. But they clearly understand that our Republic feel hard and its necessary to tolerate. And somewhere at high offices these flour worms went out. During the war they were basking in the sun in Zatoka and learned the Romanian language just in case. Its necessary to crash them. If we dont do it, they will turn our republic into a moldering stump. For being in such a way its not difficult to do it. Its enough for example, to repeat regularly with clever appearance, that our recognition is impossible. And its in the process of that literally one year ago to the UNO was accepted a small separatist island Eastern Timor, that is populated by aborigines. Or we are diligently lied by them, so as our people to lose the belief in recognition of the Republic. After all for existence of the Transdniestria is extremely important, what kind of social opinion dominates in our region.

— What things are not enough for the Transdniestria?

— Actually, the problem is that economics isnt in a position to substitute for politics completely. Harsh information war takes place, and the Transdniestria suffocates from the shortage of ammunition. For example, there are books about events in Bendery, History textbooks, memories. But where are: fiction, hits, cult novels, and profound philosophic works? Its not enough of professional television transmissions, political talk shows. We start to spin around. Not everybody understand that even if in Moldova be relieved of 150 presidents Moldova will remain the recognized state Moldova. In Transdniestria is enough of some strategic mistakes and the state will terminate its existence. Its necessary to remember that we arent recognize, then we may start up all the mechanisms of political industry, including corruptional scandals and exposures, and so on. Today it will kill the Republic. I would like to argue with certain analysts on their put forward ideas of changing of the Transdniestrian elites. For example, with Saenko. You know, they, these elites, have just formed and didnt end their structuring. Ore likely on the contrary, its necessary to help. On my opinion, have come the time to transform exactly political paradigm. And thats why The time of the classic politics has gone. Apparently, mainly because of the political titans, such as: Lenin, Mussolini, Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Gundy and so forth world eminent figures have become extinct. They were taken place of the big guns, jesters, saxophonists, erotomans, and swindlers Filling pockets and fooling around in their own pleasure they had thought that dull masses would swallow all the things, but it wasnt so. The crowd saw through them quickly and stopped to participate in political appearance on voting districts is actual both on the West and on the East. And in Transdniestria too. The referendum about the ground was shamefully failed; not because of the masss sluggishness, but because of the false understanding its history of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin showed that real politicians might be dangerous. They are fanatic and carry threat. They ere decided to replace by the puppets. From one extreme they fell into other. And the show was failed. In major countries they have already reduced the appearance on the elections to 25 %. That is to say 12 13 % of general number of citizens solve fate of nation and of the country. By Pelevin, its turned out that politics and politicians its television transmission. I practically share this opinion at all. Long ago we havent seen alive people, but only image masks delivering speeches of the same type. But today people dont want to watch political TV-transmissions. They want to watch Nagiev, Hanga and other apologists of dirty laundry and of sexual perversion. On emanating from this, political conventions, conferences, meetings for the increasing of appearance and of interest are needed to dilute by striptease, fashion-show and free of charge distribution of contraceptive devices and syringes The masses and especially, the youth will react, but it will sign the total collapse of classic political culture. Look, politicians its the sect of ambitious, greedy, lustful and, by the way, of boring subjects. Gay persons are voted for because they amuse people the phenomenon of Jirinovski is the most successful as an example. Due to it, most often, artists, show-stars and others are elected on responsible posts. The USA wondered the world with its governor Schwarzenegger. Why not Russia doesnt wonder the world with the president Kirkorov? All of the high-ranking class has also turned into the sect of protestant sense. They even get dressed like the Iegovas witnesses grey coats, ties and so on. They have their own language, surroundings, and dispositions. They are: standardization and incubatoration all over. There are its own rituals, ceremonies. They arent understandable by youth, the middle class doesnt understand it too, and little old men vote only by inertia, for the last full life, and swindlers of Voronins type take advantage of it. They hang out Communist flag, worm their way into the big politics and get rich on it till limitless scales.

Degeneration is accelerated by food of high caloric content, non-active way of life, alcohol, drugs and new tendencies, such as: sodomy and pedophilia. Contemporary politicians perfectly feel, who is their, and who is someone elses. And sensibly fearing of themselves, they delete and eliminate foreign people.

In this connection our problem is to try to generate ideology of the Postmodern, exactly in Transdniestria, its ideology of the 3-d Millennium. We have the base for it. The Republic was founded by alive real politicians, by leaders that have been nominated on 1-st roles by the masses and epoch. We cannot permit them to take the place of gutta-perchas puppets, which are submitted to impulses of large marginal capital. Unique republic must be controlled by unique real figures-persons, but not talking heads, whose provincialism and foolishness breaks through covers of bought diploma and academic degrees. We need to prove to the whole world that the Transdniestria is unique and it presents the pattern of democratic formation in the newest history its own sovereignty. From outpost and line Transdniestria must turn into the bridge between differentiating for the time being parts of forming Eurasian space.

Now the difference between the TMR and the same Bryansk area isnt so great. But exactly the TMR is able to beget something new… Only military aggression of the major world players can destroy natural process of the Transdniestrian development.

— But the opportunity isnt excepted?

— Unfortunately, no. American roller is started up It is so huge that its able to overwhelm, practically, any country, even consisting of many millions. And if it is concerned with the last USSRs space, then the roller will go against all the Russian enclaves. Transdniestria is the most organizationally formed among them. Bad forecasts may become truth. Of course, there are some hopes, related with Russia. But, as for me, I treat to it with great caution, as far as today Russia isnt in that condition to be integrated into all social, political, economic and military-strategic charts of the West. The claim on participating in military maneuvers with NATO is the serious signal that provokes the reconsideration of geopolitical paradigm. The model of Freedoms island will make us too vulnerable. What is more, attempt to be more sacred, than Russia in hopeless fight with NATO may cause irritation and desire of too much zealous allys destroying in the same Moscow. In general, e can say that the necessity of geopolitical and information strategys correcting have ripened or, may be, have become overripe.

— What are perspectives, connected with relations with Russia and the other world?

— Ive already told it and, may be, I will repeat myself. Recent 14 years we positioned ourselves as the outpost of Russia. Its the reason why were still in the most complicated relations with the West. And for today its too late to change something in this sphere anyway, the West wont support the Republic, even if stop to present itself as outpost. It goes without saying that oriented toward Russia, we must look for outlets to western direction we cant work out without it. In any case we must resolve here problems o our safety, to the extent that its senselessly to wage guerilla war on the Transdniestrian territory. And who will agree to play guerillas role? Of course, and in future we will develop contacts with Russia to the maximum. We wish Transdniestria became that territory, where are harmonized to the maximum interests of the West and of the East. With regard to the strategy of inter-civilized bridge is perspective. It will be realized only with the condition of separate coexistence with Moldova. While Voronin is still having power, any contacts with Kishinev and any conversations about federalization are simply dangerous. After overthrow Voronins tyranny Moldova will have to treat from the small-towns national communism and totalitarianism approximately for 10 years. I think, that Romanians will cope with it best of all. They have a very rich experience. Lets try to remember Ceausescu. We must be independent with guarantees of Russia, Ukraine and OSCE. There are not big and independent prospering states for example, Switzerland. Transdniestria may become a spiritual Switzerland the country with unique values and universal out-block ideology. As for Dalai Lama, he doesnt control any territory, but his ideological influence is sensed in the whole world. We can say that he realized idea of Spirits State. Dalai Lama is the world-recognized leader, although Tibets territory I hope is temporarily occupied by China. And somebody doesnt occupy us and thats why were free to generate our own model of geopolitical positioning.

— Certain religious organizations maintain, that in Transdniestria is founded the Republic of yogis and magicians. But Soin is mentioned as one of guides of this idea. Is it real?

— Actually, such information took place in different sites and even filtered into the press. Inasmuch as I am not a guide of such ideas, then I prepare judicial lawsuits for that people, which have established this disinformation of mass media.

Our region is orthodox region, but only not in religious sphere, but in social-cultural sense. In Republic are approximately 60% of believers, among which some of them 70-75 % — are considered to be orthodox people. Absolute major of these people doesnt go to Temples, doesnt keep the posts, doesnt confess and doesnt receive communion. However, by virtue of age-old tradition they are considered to be orthodox people. And its good. Possibly, someday these people will come into temples and will start to live in-church life. Conversations about The Republic of Yogis and Magicians carry on representatives of the so-called religious busyness feel the ground slipping from beneath their feet. A whole series of corruptional scandals, appearance in criminal affairs, stories about widespread in that circles sodomy incited pseudo-religious figures to fight against the state. For example, we have our own Lev Tolstoy its Peter Alexandrovich Zalojkov Presidents authorized in the field of affaires of religions and cults; he was excommunicated. Imagine, Lenin as the main god-fighter of the past wasnt excommunicated, and Zalojkov that had done a great deal for rebirth of theology was appeared outside the Church. And the problem is only concluded in that in the state attended to bring out into the open the Churchs commercial activity, they wanted to make them pay taxes of economic activity as in every civilized state. They have sneaked into politics. People in cassocks have appeared in social organizations. You know, politics is dirty busyness and if people are truly spiritual people they wont sneak into it. With the exception of cases, when, for example, its necessary to appeal people for defense of country or for something great and national. They were started to remove from feeding through, and were striken in dirty hands, just at that moment, when they were ready to proclaim the clerical state. Thats why certain businessmen in cassocks took up with black PR. In these ravings that consists of wails about neopaganism, Satanism and other nonsenses, that arent characteristic to Transdniestria, is concentrated all the pagan priests pain of lost million prophets, Mercedeses, contacts, repasts and et cetera.

From my point of view, present religious identification doesnt have a serious future. Are left only splint signboards, cliche. Russian then he is orthodox. Arab then he is Moslem. Such stereotypes are artificially imposed. I doubt whether its freedom in total meaning of this world. Its worth overcoming it. Division by religious indication lead to the most bloodshedful wars. Even now when person contrary to religious dogmas took off, took a step to outer space and get ready for new epochal breakthroughs, there are fanatics, which are ready for killing in the name of their own god. They are absolutely quiet and calmly directed by smart operations of religious business, which get enormous financial and political dividends. In Transdniestria religious extremism wont pass, in consideration of peoples and their leaders character.

We really have yogas clubs. There are representatives of creative intelligence, students But yoga is fate of few people. It needs everyday exercises, sometimes an observation of diet, refusal from smoking and alcohol. Thats why in Republic with wine-cognac production forming of State of Yogis and Magicians is impossible. Consequently, there is no such aim. From the point of view of making healthier of people, of course, yoga is ideal. For example, my ability to work really depends on fulfillment of exercises. Ill tell for especially zealous opponents of yoga, that at first in kindergarten, then in army and in major fitness-clubs yoga is presented as gymnastics. So, if had been plot of yogis, then it had been realized in planetary scale long ago. Anyway, I dont advice you to jump out of the window with the scream: Yogi have coming!!! Yogis dont come; they sit in position of Lotus But to say seriously, then yoga proclaims healthy principles: asceticism, non-making money, and refusal from stereotypes, going out beyond the limits of national, religious, social bounds. Its not bad for the 3-d Millennium.

— What is the Transdniestrian place in Europe?

— If we talk eurasianess as about conception, then as we know there s Western eurasianess Tiriar, and- Gumilev. The problems are in that: existing continent Eurasia in time might turn into space, that competing with the USA. But today Eurasia is artificially divided into segments. Atmosphere of hostility was created and its very difficult to reconcile Russia and Europe, Russia and China. Its extremely necessary to generate new, above-national and above-religious ideology, thanks to what every inhabitant of the continent could identify himself as Eurasian. Eurasian tendencies are favorable for Transdniestria, and if political, economic and cultural Eurasia had been created TMR would have harmonically enrolled in it. Here Catholics and orthodox have been coexisting for a long time, are conserved all indications of Turkic civilizations presence and all of it situated on a very small territory. Unrecognized Republic is on the junction of civilizations Perhaps, Transdniestria would start to generate a certain Eurasian ideology. I would welcome and in every way contribute to creation of such structure as Institute of Eurasianess in Transdniestria. Exactly here we need to form the base for Eurasian expansion. Today the USA suppresses sprouts of Eurasianess. And Transdniestria has unpleasantness with the USA, because Transdniestria has a Eurasian potential that in a certain sense is higher, then in Russia.

— Could you characterize key threats for Transdniestria?

I would single out geopolitical, military-strategic, economic, information and demographic threats. If we examine geopolitical actor of threats, then well see that on the first place is collision of the West and Russias interests. Unfortunately, Russia lose its own positions, but its opponents are interested in liquidation of TMR in either way. The West is ready to close their eyes on the Voronins communist regime in Moldova, on absence of proper democratic rights and liberties there. And its only due to course of integration into Europe and NATO that proclaimed by Voronin. Western people dont notice that they are lied by him in the same way as Russia. His aim is consolidation of his private power and thats all. If we look through economics then well see, that here we should note that Transdniestrian blockade isnt stopped now. Every day it brushes off meager crumbs from the tables of Transdniestrian budgetists and pensioners. Republic is forced to sell all strategic fields immediately and to increase fiscal burden of middle and minor businessmen for the support of non-propertied strata of the population. All these things belong to the so-called unpopular measures and are fraught with serious social dangers. If we look through military factor, then well say that we dont except aggression from NATO. For example, they can do it under signboard of peace-making operation. Military threat becomes more real day after day. By the way, certain forces connected with the West inside Moldova can take the step of provocations and terracts and to accuse Tiraspol of it. And then they will try to go to world association for help. Of course, we dont panic. Its war of nerves.

We are accused of commerce by weapon, contraband goods and so on without any evidence. They form the so-called information gasket under possible power action. From my point of view there is unprecedented information war with using all the arsenal of newest technologies. And we need to respond to these challenges with dignity. As we remember the tragedy in Adjaria, not a last role in such conflicts plays psychological influence on leader. They needed him to make mistakes, to make wrong decision. However, such a variant wont come about here.

Important factor of threats is aging of Transdniestrian population. In Republic there arent enough working places, entertainment sphere is poor, because there is economic blockade. Thats why the youth is more bored in Tiraspol, than in Moscow. We increase basic resource, connected with providing of State Security. But we shouldnt save on the youth.

— Whats your opinion about federalization of Moldova?

— Im afraid of show myself to be banal, but Moldovas federalization is, in fact, impossible. Federalization is one of myths, using what international structures get money and they steal themselves this money. If we try to remember 1940 year, then well say that at that time the MSSR was created by ukase of Stalin, but it was Stalin himself. Today there is another matter. And differences between Moldova and Transdniestria are increasing. For example, the RM as State has found according to ethnic principle ethnocracy. And we have internationalism and civil identification.

They have Romanian educational standards and we Russian. They had bone privatization, we auction. They want to integrate into Europe, we into orthodox fraternity. And these arent all the differences. In the end we even have various cultural basics. Im agree with S. Belkovski that federalization is possible between Bessarabia and Romania with leaving of Gagausia under Turkish protectorate and it will successfully fall into conception of panturkism. And Transdniestria, including Bendery and series of other Transdniestrian territories on the right bank of Dniestr will get status of not big independent Republic under Russian protectorate. In consideration of new geopolitical realies ES could participate in the project under conditional name Independent Transdniestria, but not on NATOs tanks. As for me, Im for Europe, beginning from Dublin to Vladivostok. There is a place for our country. With great respect to Gumilev Im for European Tiriar. By its definition, federalization is voluntary unification, voluntary union. And if unification is under duress, its not federalization, but its occupation.

— What future do you see in Transdniestria?

— Judging by sources of orthodox sits in future will be The Republic of Yogis and Magicians. The Shambles light is possible not only in Tybet but it s possible in Tiraspol, or in the Transdniestrian region of Kamenka. Of course, its a joke

But and its obviously the other. Here are unusual people, unusual territory. Here will be Center of new ideologys generation generation of the 3-d Millenniums ideology. You know, exactly here have already surmounted national, religious and other conflicts. Transdniestria will have a great mystical future. And if we dont want to have big disappointments, we wont think about final result. After all there is no worst thing as unrealized hopes. The main thing is: to believe and to work.

We protect Republic because we simply live here!

Tiraspol, 2004.


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