The declaration of » PRORIV! «

Июль 15, 2005

We, representatives of 13 public organizations, funds and institutions declare creation of association of a new type — the International Youth Corporation » Break-through! «.  » Proriv! » is our answer to calls and threats of the third millennium:

religious wars and ethnic conflicts;

terrorism of extremist and religious groupings, and the state terrorism in the form of direct aggression against the independent states;

Distribution of the weapon and technologies of mass defeat;

famine and epidemics;

AIDS and other incurable illnesses;

ecological and demographic problems;

washing out and decline of democratic institutes, substitution of real democracy by its imitation, use of slogans of democracy, as a tool of political pressure and manipulation from bureaucratic structures;

Establishment in a number of the countries of the New Europe nationalist, neo-communist and neo-fascist totalitarian modes;

Restriction and denying of the fundamental right of people on a free choice of a way of the development on the basis of direct and equal democratic will, including creation of own statehood.

In this connection РњРњРљ » Break-through! » puts before itself the following purposes and problems:

1. To generate capable, mobile, democratic structure ready to solve real problems of youth in the modern world;

2. To distribute the influence on youth of all world, to involve it in struggle for ideals and value of pure democracy and freedom, for the world without borders and conflicts;

3. To struggle for as much as possible wide participation of youth in a civil and political life of a society in all possible ways;

4. To support struggle of people for an establishment of democracy and realization of the fundamental right to self-determination;

5. To struggle with totalitarian and terrorist regimes, to promote liberating oppressed peoples and an establishing originally democratic institutes.

6. To support progressive youth initiatives in the politician, social sphere and business, to break off the vicious bureaucratic circle, that is holding down youth on a way of its movement in the third millennium;

7. To develop special youth programs in such directions as the right, education, public health services, business, the international exchange, information and political technologies.

We shall show people the things that are hidden from them. We shall show you the world, the world without dictatorship and borders, the world where all is possible.

Tiraspol, 2005


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