Dmitry Soin: Strategy of counter fire

Август 15, 2006

On questions of NPA Dmitry Soin answers, — the chief of a department of protection of the Constitution of the Ministry of state security of Transniestria, director of Transniestrian branch of the Counsil on National strategy of the Russian Federation.

D.Soin — is one of key figures in Transniestrian leadership. The Moldavian mass-media call it » grey cardinal of Tiraspol mode «. As a matter of fact, it plays a role of a moderator of political processes in the TMR.

— What legal bases of Transniestrian statehood are? Whether there is the general » national idea «, consolidating Russian, Ukrainians and Moldavians of Transniestria?

— Transniestria has been created on the basis of will of people, and it is the main legal basis of republic. Since first steps of the state construction and finishing the important state decisions — everything in Transniestria passed through referenda. There is no postSoviet republic, which has such approach. Perhaps, only the modern Europe differs a similar saturation with plebisists.

And also there is one thing. Transniestria has found statehood much earlier than Bessarabia. In 1924 the Moldavian autonomy in structure of Ukraine which capital was in Tiraspol has been created. Then in 1940 the USSR within the limits of pact of Molotov-Ribbentrop has returned to itself Bessarabia and for formation of new Soviet republic associated it with Transniestria. In such a way MSSR was formed. When the Moldavian members of parliament in 1990 accepted the decision about denouncement of pact of Molotov-Ribbentrop, they did not understand, that create legal bases for independence of Transniestria. There is no pact — there is no MSSR, and, hence, Transniestria acquired the full right to self-determination.

— In Transniestria elections in local authorities have passed, and then parliamentary and presidential elections are coming. Whether Igor Smirnov will stand for new term? Whether the situation in republic is stable? Whether » velvet revolution » waits the TMR?

— Transniestrian experts converge in opinion, that Smirnov will stand on a post of the President. To it the experience turned out for three presidential term and authority, both on internal, and on external arena allow to make it. Certainly, various circumstances can interfere with development of political events — for example, the same velvet revolution, or color revolution. And it is very carefully prepared today and on high turns in Kishinev. As usual in such situations, the role of sponsors, organizers and inspirers carry out the western embassies and funds. We have: embassies of the USA and the Great Britain, Soros and Ebert funds. There are also other players, but it’s the base.

For the sake of expression of Russia from region the West is ready to shut eyes to existence in Moldova obviously totalitarian mode with all neo-fascist attributes. In a context of it Kishinev so confidently counts to get the western support in struggle with Transniestria. Therefore in the near future it is possible to expect a sharp aggravation of a situation. We do not panic and are ready to repulse any intrigues of » the fifth column » and to its patrons from the western structures. But objectively our own problems stir us. It, first of all, struggle between carriers of old and new sights at a policy. The become obsolete persons see all event through a prism of 1990, and it threatens with accident.

Now there is the third millenium, also it is necessary to keep up to date. In this respect Americans are good fellows. In my opinion, they managed to create the international corporation specializing on elimination objectionable Washington of modes. The corporation has consulted with the problems in Georgia, Adzharia, Ukraine, Kirghizia. It has inspired its founders, and they plan new » revolutionary waves «. Conservative Bush has started talking Trotsky’s language and has called for » a world democratic revolution «. We can’t stop velvet revolutions by counterrevolutionary methods, guarding projects and administrative resource. Only counter, not less ideologically and energetically armed, wave can destroy a revolutionary stream directed against political system. I designate it the term » Strategy of counter fire «. And as to us about attempt of revolution — it will be solved on April, 22 at summit of GUUAM in Kishinev. I think, not casually it has coincided birthday of V.I.Lenin. Besides difficultly hidden hint on a revolutionary component of a meeting.

— What is the level of democracy in the TMR? What oppositional forces are most active? Whether there are politicians behind whom the hand of Kishinev is felt?

— In Transniestria from the moment of declaration of republic the multi-party system operates. The civil society — about 600 registered public organizations is developed. Seriously private, independent of the state of mass-media, including TV and radio stations are presented. Oppositional political structures and mass-media operate freely. Unfortunately, the majority of these organizations is financed from Kishinev, or signed by foreign grants. Despite of the put large sums, they are not numerous, but thus aspire to declare loudly itself, there are on various sorts scandals and provocations.

— Whether threat of » soft suffocation » of Transniestrian statehood is real through activity of various funds, public organizations, the mass-media, propagandizing idea of integration with Moldova and EU? How the population concerns to idea of returning to Moldova?

— Yes, this threat exists. Budgets of funds, granting antiTransniestrian organizations and mass-media, are estimated in millions dollars. And it is on Transniestria where live near by 590000 person. Can imagine itself, what is financial stream to proportions to local scales. But while these efforts do not reach result necessary for Kishinev. A problem is that the majority of the population hostilely perceives everything that goes from the right coast. According to sociological surveys only 8 % of the population would be ready to live in the state Moldova. The others prefer Ukraine and Russia. And the leader is Russia, — 60 % of interrogated, on the second place is Ukraine, and only then goes Moldova.

— You are a composer of popular in Moldova and Transniestria the collection » Naked Voronin «. As though you could characterize this person and the politician briefly?

— If briefly it is better to address to classics — the political prostitute. For rather short political career V.Voronin has had time to be as the proRussian, proMoldavian and westernized politician. And all for the sake of satisfaction of a pathological complex of authority and thirst of enrichment. Voronin has transformed Moldova in fascist bantustan, in reservation for the population, and ranch for itself and the confidants. For the first term of board it and its son Oleg Voronin became multimillionaires. In the second term they can appear in ratings of the richest people of the world. And this is done under communistic banners and slogans. A typical case of large political swindle.

— What does Voronin’s re-election for new term mean for Transniestria? What will be strategy of actions of new-old Moldavian authority concerning the TMR?

— First of all it means a sharp and extremely dangerous aggravation of a situation. V. Voronin should fulfil urgently given to the West promises. And they include the decision of a problem of the Russian military presence which is very actual for the euroAtlantic forces. It is natural, that V. Voronin should establish the control above Transniestria. And it smells slightly of gunpowder. So cheerful will be a little, and as to the tragical moments, they are quite expected. As V. Voronin by the nature, on its psychics is an aggressor.

— Recent incidents in Vasiljeka, Dorotskoe — is ordinary «disassembly» in frontier area or a prelude to renewal of the conflict?

-Have no doubt that it’s a prelude to the beginning of operations. Moldova feels confidently, and, got support of the West, can go on large provocations. As a cold shower Transniestrian and Russian armies here act. Events can take any turn. In Georgia the Russian military bases stood and even now continue to stand, but they have not rescueed Shevarnadze and Abashidze. Such things have importance: internal consolidation of a society, readiness to struggle for independence and to repulse every possible intrigues and revolutions.

— Whether is Transniestria ready to return to model of peace settlement on the basis of » Kozak’s memorandum «? Or the scheme of » asymmetric federation » Transniestria arranges? Whether there are other prospects of settlement of the conflict?

— You can’t enter twice into one water, spoke ancient. And attitudes with Moldova brightly confirm it. Today neither we, nor are not Kishinev ready to speak about federation. It is not so necessary to us. Transniestria took the rate on construction completely the independent state. And Moldova has also buried idea of federation. It was sounded personally with V. Voronin. So there is a system crisis in negotiating process.

— Whether is there in practice » a commonwealth of unrecognized states «? How passes cooperation between them? Can they help to each other in case of military aggression against one of them?

— The CIS-2 exists not only on a paper. There is a constant communications between Sukhumi, Tskhinvali and Tiraspol. Mutual visits are made, treats about cooperation are subscribed. Cooperation in military sphere is real, but the main thing is that unrecognized republics support each other at sociopolitical and economic levels. And it already installs optimism and confidence that people will keep the statehood and sooner or later, but will be recognized.

Andrey Dmitriev talked, 2006


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