Manifesto of the International Youth Corporation PRORIV!

Ноябрь 15, 2006

PRORIV! is like a thunder, like a basin of icy water, like an avalanche that made the world look at Pridnestrovian youth in a new way. On the 1st of June 2005 thirteen organizations, institutions and funds proclaimed the creation of International Youth Corporation PRORIV! and rose up against bureaucracy, totalitarian regime and injustice. Our movement is very young and theyve started to speak about it since it appeared. Why? Because PRORIV! showed its strong character at once, organized bright actions and determined actions to support freedom of the Pridnestrovians.

News about creation of the corporation of new type became known not only in Pridnestrovie, but in Moldova, the Ukraine, Russia, European Union and the USA. Newspapers, radio, television and Internet spoke that Pridnestrovian youth went for breakthrough (PRORIV!) of the vicious circle the situation when violence, enslavement, double standards prevail. It is the circle where a personality is nothing and peoples will is not recognized and this will is just a small change in the games of the politicians. Thats why PRORIV! appeared in Pridnestrovie a country that was created in accordance with peoples will but which is not recognized by the worlds bureaucracy only because we want to live with Russia. Because we reject the ideology of the New world order, the American globalization, NATO and other aggressive international structures. Yes, there were lots of lies together with objective information but the main thing happened: the world learned about us! Media around the world started discussing Pridnestrovian youth and regard it as a real power that can create something and defend their creations.

Today almost everybody knows what we strive for, how we act, what purposes and aims we have, but at the very beginning of our activities, Corporation PRORIV! was surrounded by legends and gossips, you could hear malicious hissing of the enemies betrayers of Pridnestrovie, you could hear frightened whisper of the western Embassies and fundsEverybody was asking himself a question: What is PRORIV!?, Who is behind it?, Where does it go?, What mission does it realize?.

If one wants to answer these questions, he should understand the nature of our Corporation. It is made up of the youth mentality that was born during the years of independence in PMR, it was braced by heroic deeds of the elder generations and moved forward by the ideas of freedom, democracy and statehood. Today PRORIV! means generating of new urgent ideas and following all the directions of public life.

In fact, PRORIV! is Spirit of our times, youths answer to all the calls and threats of the epoch of terrorism, decline and breaking down. The wish to live and to develop became a push that united its first founders in PRORIV!. Patriotism, that is a characteristic of the Corporation, was brought about by the history of Pridnestrovie. When we were small kindergarten children, struggle for freedom and independence of PMR was happening before our eyes. Mass meetings of thousands of people were followed by explosions of shells around Dubossari and Bender. Our fathers and elder brothers fought in the trenches to assert the right to live on this beneficial land. Yes, we were children at those times, but even then we got the spirit of freedom, revolutionary romance and sacrificing.

We managed to stretch out and to fix in our minds the historic thread from Kiev prince Sviatoslav Igorevich, who was the first to unite these lands with Russia, to Suvorov; from the heroes of Great Patriotic War to the soldiers who defended our independence in unequal struggle in 1992. All our life is connected with Pridnestrovie. For someone it is an unrecognized republic and for us it is Motherland that needs to be protected. We finished schools in Pridnestrovie, got the diplomas of secondary education. Here we entered the University or other educational Institutions, we became specialists in different fields. In the future we see our work, career, big successes and little failures. And we understand that these things will be possible only if PMR is saved, if the Republic is recognized as a subject of international law. Look at political madness of the official ChisinauBlockades, threats, blackmail, kidnapping of people this is the language Voronin speaks to us.

He destroyed his Opposition, there are tens of political prisoners in Moldova. Citizens of the Ukraine, Russia and other countries are among them. Today rights-chaos, dictatorship, junta prevail in Moldova. For the last time we warn dictator Voronin about catastrophic consequences of his policy. We demand that he stops preparing new aggression against PMR, economical blockade and that he admits an obvious thing independence of Pridnestrovie. Today Moldova needs democratization and PRORIV! will bring weighty deposit in this process. 4 D plan for Moldova — democratization, decriminalization, denazification, demilitarization is needed by Moldovan people. All the spheres of life of this country need a serious medical treatment.

For example, if you estimate the status of national minorities, you can use the term Moldova the prison of peoples. Russians, the Ukrainians, Gagauzians and people of other nationalities are oppressed in this country. Ethnic cleansing is fulfilled towards Gagauzians. This small, unique by its nature, Turkic, Orthodox people is at the edge of absolute annihilation. Even Moldovan people groan under press of totalitarian dictatorship. Business, legal proceedings, law-enforcement system, Mass Media everything works for the interests of the ruling regime. Terrible corruption and criminal-police arbitrariness are based on these things. Just think, that somebody wants us to be part of such a state, somebody wants to bind our arms and to push us into the cage with cannibals. They will come to us, close our schools, universities, they will take our private things. They will execute the defenders of Pridnestrovie and everybody who has ever been connected with this Republic. Advanced young people understand it and prepare to repulse. This is one of the reasons why they united in PRORIV!.

Course for sovereignty and independence of Pridnestrovie is our course. Unity with Russia and the Ukraine is the road of life of our state. Support of all the progressive movements in the world it is our transnational mission. Russias help inspires us. Today Russian Federation is our best and reliable friend and ally. It is brought about by historic, cultural and moral relatives. A thousand years ago prince Sviatoslav the Great united this land with Russia. Afterwards this heroic deed was repeated by Suvorovs soldiers and the heroes of Great Patriotic War. The last point in constant arguments about Pridnestrovies belonging was put in 1992 when our people repelled Moldovas aggression and took a course for building sovereign democratic state. Then, in the bloody summer of 1992 Russia helped us. Its peacekeepers stopped the battle that had been begun by Chisinau. Thats why in our actions we like to scan: Russia PMR PRORIV!.

Today PRORIV! and all Pridnestrovian people bow to the Russian Authorities and people for their help and support in those difficult days. It is symbolical, that at present it is Russia that really helps us to overcome the consequences of economic blockade, supports our state employees and pensioners. Urgency of Russian military presence in the region grows. Moldova is going to become a part of NATO and thinks that on soldiers bayonets of this aggressive alliance they will bring their constitutional order to PMR. Only Russia can prevent them from doing it. Thats why we insist on saving Russian military contingent in PMR and on continuation of the peacekeeping operation of Russian Federation.

We still believe in the Ukraine. We think that it must have been made to blockade PMR. The elite and common people of the Ukraine dont need blockade of Pridnestrovie. Thats why sooner or later historical justice will triumph, and Pridnestrovian-Ukrainian border will become the border of friendship.

Appealing to the West, European Union and OSCE, we say stop following double standards and anti-Pridnestrovian tendency. It is not Cold war, but benevolence and mutual understanding that should be the basis of our relations. Objective monitoring of the situation will show you that Pridnestrovie even in the conditions of non-stopping blockades, informational wars and threats of Moldovas military interference continues building democratic society.

Outside we plan to help the Moldovan people, people of our age who are oppressed by Voronins regime. In the Che Guevara High School of Political Leadership that we created, hundreds of young people have already studied and they are ready to bring the flame of freedom not only to Moldova but all around the world. Our ideology is not just phrases, thesis and calls. It is first of all fundamental modern knowledge in the fields of informational and political technologies, marketing and management, psychology and other important spheres of science that are so important for successful struggle. Our colleagues in struggle are sure that Moldova is sick and needs medicine for dictatorship. And we will cure this country. It is just a question of time. Democratic powers of East and West will help us, we will consolidate and throw totalitarian regime away, and Voronin will be sent to the Museum of political dead bodies. We preach social medicine and medical treating of the society as the most important aspect of PRORIVs! activities.We are not divided by nationality, religion, material and educational level, we are united by the ideas of PRORIV!. We are united and it helps us to stay standing and to win in the ocean of passions, conflicts and cataclysms. PRORIV! will break off all the blockades and will get the realization of the self-definition of Pridnestrovian people.

Today the whole world speaks about our movement. They know us in Commonwealth of Independent States, in Eastern and Western Europe, in North and South America, India, China, Africa and even in far-away Australia. Guests from these parts of the world come to visit us, they wrote about us and discussed the things we do in our small Pridnestrovie. During several years of its existence PRORIV! made more than old, authoritative organizations and Media.

PRORIV! attracted attention of world public and Media to Pridnestrovie by its revolutionary acts, uncompromising struggle with evil in all directions, by its devotion to the ideal of freedom and justice. World was surprised by Pridnestrovian youths power that has its own point of view, and one will have to take it into consideration when deciding the destiny of Pridnestrovie. In fact, PRORIV! is a youth Foreign Ministry that breaks off the informational blockade on the civil level, it breaks off lies and disinformation around Pridnestrovie.We have our Internet sources, radio programs and newspapers. These are all instruments with which we solve important propagandistic problems. And first of all we show the level of our young generation. Dont doubt, very soon our youth will be recognized and nobody will dare to say that we are second-graded. When the world will recognize youth, it will have nothing to do but to recognize Pridnestrovian people and statehood. People will come to our republic to learn how to create youth organizations of the third millennium.

Corporation PRORIV! has Che Guevara School, own Media, the publishing center, support groups of the creative initiatives and marketing, widespread international contacts and links all these things make it a real ideological fabric that produces everything the society needs. We succeed because during the first year of our existence we managed to prepare the kernel of the organization, which was politically competent and capable. We are proud of the first PRORIV! activists who carried yellow and black banners of the Corporation in any weather snow or rain anyway. They werent afraid of been pursued, they stood for honor, dignity and the right to live of our people. Thanks to their example, hundreds of talented young people came to PRORIV!. Their burning hearts didnt give them a chance to sit at home and to live their lives aimlessly. Together we risked and won, we just showed ourselves and the world accepted us as we are.

Today PRORIV! is a politics, culture, science, education and business. Corporation creates conditions for realization of the creative beginnings, for self-perfecting and for employment of the young people. The power of International Youth Corporation PRORIV! is provided by the potential of each of its activists. Our energy will be enough to reach the highest results in political, economic and social fields. Not without reason, our flags are yellow like a sun and our youth is called Children of the sun. We build strong and independent future ourselves.

The conditions in which this is happening are difficult and dramatic. The world is in the systematic crisis. Today every person, who can think, understands that this human civilization is at the edge, beyond which are apocalyptic horrors of the universal accident. Wars, epidemics, terrorism and loneliness are the very destructive powers that threat everybody. Civilization of consumption cant resist those threats of the 21st century. Huge territories are involved into wars, in which thousands of people die. The number of those who have AIDS and other incurable diseases is more than tens of millions. Fear of terrorist acts has become a persuasive phobia even in the most protected countries.

But the most unsolvable problem is the problem of loneliness. A lonely person that was artificially created by the order of world elites of the 20th century can resist neither wars, nor terror nor epidemics. He is vulnerable in many things manipulations and violence have become his everyday nightmare. Trying to run away from the captivity of fear, a little lonely man goes to parties, clubs, sects where there is at least an illusion of being part of any collective or group. There he feels better and sure of himself. But in the end he gets the same manipulation and violence over the person. But all these things are sacrificed for a narcotic feeling a feeling of being needed and of outer support. How powerful are those threats, because of which millions of people run to all possible associations?


Any war from the very beginning to the end is an absolute act of not-freedom. It is an act during which representatives of world elite solve problems of providing corporations, that are close for them, with materials, commodity markets, cheap working power. War is a total violence, which is burdened by ideology of hating this or that nationality, religious or cultural group. Meanwhile it has a certain financial motivation. Any war is supposed to have winners, and its direct participants are usually not among them.

Ideologists of wars are mostly mercenaries of the international monopolies, oligarchic clans, builders of New world order. Mystical and positive essence of the war is the product of activities of pseudo- philosophers and journalists who also serve international oligarchy. They are interested in oil and diamond deposits, regions with wild hemp.

Despite the ideas of human rights which they preach, servants of the international oligarchy reject all the main basic rights, including the right to live, to have national originality and just court. International oligarchy turned people of the territories that are under their control, to the soldiers of the army of democracy who die all around the world for interests of transnational monopolies. Powers that resist them also often step over the admissible edge. Guerrilla wars and terror surpassed by their cruelty everything that the humanity had ever seen before. Violence gives birth to violence. Thats why religious thesis The end of the world is close is getting more shaped.

PRORIV! is a humane, peaceful answer to all the displays of war. We are against aggression, mass violence and double standards. We demand that war propaganda stops, and moratorium about using armed force to get geo-political, economic and other advantages of transnational monopolies is established. Our peace is being protected by the forces of Russian peacekeeping contingent and PRORIV! will always support Russian peacekeepers on the banks of the Dniester.


Common people may have an opinion that terrorism appears as reciprocal measure of social, religious and ethnic groups against enthralling force. But terrorism as itself is a passive conductor of interests of international oligarch elite, because most of the authors of New world order are absolutely protected. Their security is guaranteed by the thousandfold superiority in arms and hardware. The most refined techniques of security and manipulation of minds is under control of the New world order.

Terrorism is just one of the instruments of this control. Horrible faces, which are shown on TV, are usually structurally screwed into the system of New world order, they are protected and have a financial support. Their activity is favourable for international oligarchy, because it is an instrument of threatening peoples in most of the regions of the world. The existence of terrorism is a justification of much more large-scale killings, genocide. Examples of Iraq, Afganistan, Somali are the most well-known from the chain of situations, when under the flag of struggle with terrorism thousands of people were killed.

At the beginning of 1990s Moldova applied a real terror against Pridnestrovie. Lets remember Ilashcu group, the head of which is now a senator in Romania, but in 1990s he was preparing and carrying out killings, explosions and arsons. Where was America and NATO block in 1992? Why werent bombed residences of ideologists and coordinators of terror in Chisinau? The answer is simple — because the terrorists acted in accordance with western plan of annihilation of east-slavic citadel Pridnestrovie. Thats why, struggling for recognition of PMR, standing for the idea of maximal rapproachement with Russia and the Ukraine, PRORIV! in fact fights against terrorism. We understand that only our own statehood and Russias support can guarantee Pridnestrovian people calm and peaceful life.


Contemporary epidemics are mostly the by-product of the civilization of consumption. New world order which controls the most high-technological scientific centers, including biological laboratories, is able to solve the problems of quick distribution and liquidation of the epidemics. But very often all the scientific exploitations that can make the life of humanity safe, become a goods, the access to which is controlled and dozed by the international oligarchy. Despite numerous informational explosions of the worlds Media about medicines that were found for terrible diseases, people continue to die both from classical and contemporary epidemics.

Tuberculosis, AIDS, cancer, heart diseases, hepatites, syphilis kill millions of people annually, while in accordance with Mass Media, all the medicines were made long ago and the prime cost is reasonable. We shouldnt also forget information of authoritative sources, that AIDS was put out from the secret military laboratories. Meanwhile, international oligarchy continues to measure the well-being of people by growth of Gross National Product and by modern technologies of food substitute production. PRORIV! is sure that only uniting of efforts of healthy part of mankind can change the situation for the better.


New world order uses for its own purposes not only direct violence of terrorist groups. It doesnt disdain ready products those that nature gives: earthquakes, tsunami, flooding — in the modern world any disaster is a synchronic informational stream that descends at the society. Worlds TV-channels serve as ideal instrument of threatening most of the people of the planet, mainly demonstrating cadres of destroying and then help, coming from the funds of international oligarchy. Thus directives of certain ideologists, who are following the logic of New worlds order, are made. Resistance of the uncontrolled enclaves is punished by not-giving of the saving funds to the government and by starting all possible scenarios of removing those who are not loyal to the New worlds order regimes. Thus any disaster becomes a considerable instrument in the global policy. PRORIV! has an opinion that such a practice has nothing to do with the religious and democratic values of the New world order which are broadcasted everywhere. The question is in the global performance that has been well showed with the help of Mass Media to manipulate frightened mankind.


Loneliness is one of the central problems of modern civilization. This illness of the modern world affects, like a virus, nations and states. The society of consumption, egoism and money-making, covers itself with the slogans of democracy, freedom, ownership, and makes a man a consumer of advertising and then of useless goods and bad by-products. Such a society consumes pleasant things, enjoys technical innovations but crosses out family and children. Modern European civilization perverted understanding of family values. Dictatorship of impotents who repeat the words of Karl Popper about open societies, led to the authority of mediocre and defective inhabitants.

West cant stand against cultural and demographic expansion of healthy social and ethnic groups which dont have prejudices that have common Europeans. Moderators of New world order spread ideology of absolute lonely spirit and made their states countries without future. They made empty jacks out of homes. Ideal modern man lives in a small apartment, owns a car, a computer, a pet but hes able neither to have children nor to support national genofund. Decrease of birth of children transformed most of the European people into herds of idiots. More and more children that are born today in European families are mentally retarded, physically underdeveloped. In the modern society childhood turned into large-scale business-niche, into non-stopping advertising actions of super-modern diapers and other goods, and if you dont have an opportunity to buy them — you shouldnt have a baby. Business industry around love to children has expanded so much that people are just afraid to create a family. Fear that you cant buy everything that advertisement proposes has become a powerful psychological weapon. Millions of people are depressed, suffer from impotence, have serious psychological deviations. Society is under pressure of New world order and moves towards absolute decadence and self-destroying. Children become lonely before they are born, because very often their mother spends time in front of the computer or in a bar drinking. Then mothers and fathers keep distance from their children and dont want to sacrifice their careers for family. The society of egoism leaves children along with progress, television, Internet, robots Far from nature future consumers of social grants, workers of conveyors, fast food, grow up. At the age of 14 they try marihuana, at 16 they start smoking hashish, at 25 they think of giving birth to the same useless child. Wastes of the civilization, people of last times.

PRORIV! opposes esthetics of revolutionary struggle, family of courageous men and beautiful girls to the useless society. Family, happy childhood and harmony are the very valuable things. The apocalypse is cancelled. We will continue struggle with ideology of New world order. All the illusions of the modern world capitalism, globalization, world market of goods and services, mania of consumption everything will be overthrew in ashes. PRORIV! is a big family where everybody can be very useful for the society and himself. The road to perfection cant be made alone. Otherwise this road will lead either to disappointment or to some illness and then — to spiritual death and degeneration. We are sure that PRORIVs! ideals will be saved by our descendants. They will follow us and save the harmony of the world around, where the word we will mean much more then I.

PRORIV! is our life.

PRORIV! is an attraction zone not for many people, but for those who were born before their time. The corporation doesnt lead to the future- it is already in the future, its day is the day after tomorrow. And only those who understand it will become real children of PRORIV! or the children of the Sun. The huge flaming planet gives us life and the color of the corporation is sunny, because PRORIV! is our life. Life in dynamics and moving, life where we paint horizons, write scenarios. We dont have any borders! We are apart from nationalism, religious and class hatred. We are a society of free people, who want to get more freedom, more possibilities and capacities. Under yellow and black banners of PRORIV! we plant a new life, we move towards new horizons, we change ourselves and the world around. We know that this world, which is made of lies, violence, hypocrisy, racial, nationality, religious, class enmity, of drugs and AIDS, can still be made better and there is one wayTo change ourselves! And we are doing it. Every day we overcome difficulties, grow up and win. Intellectual, psychological, physical parameters should develop and become more powerful. And our possibilities are boundless. Thats why forever yesterdays dont like us and feel envy — they stayed in the past millennium and cant understand the main thing. A new epoch came. The epoch of PRORIV!

We are ready to give them a hand, to support, to invite to be with us. But there is one thing it is possible only if they stop crying, envying, being pessimistic. New colleagues should understand that we oppose activity and business, creation, cultural, social achievements to parasitism and dependence. In fact, PRORIV! is a smithy of managers and leaders of the 3rd millennium. In the melting furnace of the Corporation, in accordance with postmodernist recipes, intellect, will, purposefulness and physical perfection merge together and give birth to a new, highest-quality harmony of the third millennium. This makes PRORIV! the center of attention and attraction of those who long for truth, independently from national, religious and social status. And reality is that millions of people today are in panic — searching for the answers to the main questions: Who are we? Why were we born and why do we live? Which problems will we face tomorrow? How to live and grow up in the terrible competition, manipulation of conscience and violence? Its not a secret that 80% of the worlds population in the conditions of social-political game are doomed to live in poverty.

Fear in front of the state machine and terrorists, loneliness, all the kinds of dissatisfaction (beginning with sexual and ending with career and material dissatisfaction) make such defects as alcoholism, narcotism, promiscuity mass. Early terrible diseases, presenilation and the subsequent oblivion are the gloomy prospects of those, who avoid self-perfection and unwillingly go downstream of the river called Life. We do the rate for those who are ready to fight. Sunny banner of the Corporation is above them like a symbol of struggle and future victory.Such a status makes us responsible, thats why demands to the activists are very high. If you are a real activist, then every day will be the day of a little victory. If you lack knowledge, you start studying hard, you enter Che Guevara High School of Political Leadership, begin foreign languages courses. If you lack power you go to the sports club and make your body beautiful and harmonious. If you lack psychological stability, you come up to the elder comrades who are always ready to support you. And so on and so on. Because perfection is endless and limitless. You should spare no pains. Working for yourself you work for PRORIV!. Working for PRORIV! you work for yourself, because the future of all the activists depends on the power and influence of the Corporation.

One should always remember that the world around is cruel and hypocritical, only with a collective of perfect and advanced people it is possible to resist officials, criminals. If you are not a member of a strong team, you can be robbed, raped, humiliated. PRORIV! is a strong team that is orientated on great achievements. While others only speak that its necessary to save youth, we cultivate the future generation. Through different programs and actions we do it, because the time leads us to more and more difficult trials. When young people go outside, they quickly understand what alcohol, drugs, theft, violence is. If they come to PRORIV! they learn what real friendship and care is. They find theirselves in a stream of new knowledge and technologies. A young person forgets about loneliness and understands that life is wonderful without drugs and alcohol. Thats why Corporation opens perspectives to young people, which is appreciated in our time. Every action of the Corporation is a challenge with bureaucracy, corrupt officials. We break their schemes. We dont give bribes, we dont shake when we see cool cars. Money for us is just an instrument to reach our aims. The main aim is to free the mankind from the past fetters. When the whole world will be in PRORIV!, money will be abolished, and amazed children will watch them in museums and private collections. And todays grown-up activists will tell them children, for these pieces of paper people used to kill each other, betrayed their friends. Today it causes just condescending smiles, but yesterday it was the sense of lives of millions of people. In the 21st century we blew up dollar and euro With the money such horrible things of the past civilization as democracy on missiles, as kindness with nuclear rockets, as terrorism disappeared. We stopped the epoch of consumption which had been destroying nature, that used to make us breathe in polluted air and to eat synthetic food. This epoch used to make us strive for prestige, fashion, status and other stupid banal thingsAs a result we used to get psychological and physical stresses, drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide. As soon as money disappeared, all these things became senseless and dispersed like a nightmare.One can say it is a fairy-tale for trustful people? No, it will happen in the future, to which our Corporation goes today. What does PRORIV! give to young people today? First of all it is a feeling of being part of something big, mysterious, going into the future. Different young people found in PRORIV! something they had lacked in their past lives. Somebody used to feel himself weak but understood that it is not the truth, that there are strong friends and that he/she is really a strong person, too. Somebody used to be tired of banal everyday life and found friends who can speak not only about clothes, sex, alcohol and drugs. Someone understood that youth can act effectively and can influence the world around. These possibilities are guaranteed by the sunny energy of the Corporation, by cohesion and solidarity of young people in PRORIV!.Those who see in PRORIV! only a youth political project are mistaken. In fact, we generate new formation and ideology — the ideology of our time, of the III millennium. This ideology is based on such principles as improvement of the society through self-perfection of every person. It is based on the idea of free mind, that wont be littered and locked by stereotypes of religious, ethnic, social fanaticism and extremism.

We dont divide people by nationality, race and religious indication. We divide them into those who are ready for self-perfection and those who will always stay at the level of biological existence. We issue from the limitless humans capacities. People are often constrained by stereotypes, examples of behavior. One of our most important purposes is to free thoughts of people from this stereotype atmosphere. Thats why we work with youth, whose thinking is not spoilt by nationalism, religious fanaticism, material superiority. Yes, politics today is on the surface. But it is just a political top of the iceberg. Everything is deeper in the process of political actions we form a new man.

Our sources are in ancient philosophical schemes, with which we can get acquainted while reading sacred books. But as distinguished from orthodox conceptions, we cultivate inside ourselves postmodernist understanding of that daily occurrence which is propagated by television, Internet and other Media. We are skeptical to the perspectives of the society of consumption. If mankind doesnt overcome in itself consumption and parasitism, it will die. Thats why megaproject PRORIV! is so important. Our name can be interpreted as the action, directed to revolutionary getting over existing negative order of things. Our way is for those who are strong in their hearts and minds. Either we or nobody.

Tiraspol. Pridnestrovie. PRORIV!


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