Dmitriy Soin: We dont have a right to leave Russia along in its dialogue with West

Октябрь 15, 2007

Interview with Dmitriy Soin, the director of Che Guevara High School of Political Leadership, the chairman of Pridnestrovian branch of the Russian National Strategy Council, the candidate of sociological sciences.

— Why do we celebrate Day of Russia? Dmitriy Yurievich, how close is this
holiday for Pridnestrovian people?

— The answer is obvious. First of all, because Pridnestrovie is the Russian land, people who live here are Russian and it doesnt matter of what nationality they are, they dream about uniting with their great Motherland Russia. Thats why all the holidays that are celebrated in Russia today are urgent for us, especially 12th of June. And of course it is a well known fact that Tiraspol was founded and created thanks to Great Russian Commnder Suvorov in accordance with the decree of Empress Catherine II. Perspectives and prosperity of this region has always been connected only with Russia.

— How did the idea of celebrating the Day of Independence of Russia in Pridnestrovie appear?

— It happened in 2005. On the 1st of June 2005, as you remember, International Youth Corporation PRORIV! was founded. When the organization was only 12 days, it made up its mind to celebrate such a serious holiday as Day of Russia. It was not usual for Pridnestrovie, especially all those mass meetings, conferences. PRORIV! managed then to organize auto race under flags of Russian Federation. Besides young activists were giving people bandages of the color of Russian flag, calendars with writings We Russia. While communicating with Tiraspol citizens and all Pridnestrovians, young people were reminding them that Russia is our common Motherland and we should make maximum efforts not to be cut off Russian Federation.

— What actions will be held this year on the 12th of June?

— The holiday will be celebrated for the 3rd time and it will include several parts. Firstly, the traditional auto race. Tens of cars decorated with Russian flags will drive along the streets of the capital of PMR. At the same time young people will be giving people bandages and calendars with Russian flag on them. Ceremonial concert is planned for the evening near the cinema Tiraspol. Im sure that this holiday will find a warm response in Tiraspol citizens, in hearts of all Pridnestrovian people, because the theme of our integration with Russia is really urgent today. We think that it is our Pridnestrovian holiday. And even more: I dont exclude that PRORIV! will initiate celebration of this holiday in PMR as national holiday. The Corporation and Party plan to appeal to President and Supreme Council on this matter.

— Today we cant help discussing social and political situation in the Republic. Representatives of some political Parties declare that it is really complicated, tense, remembering the year of 1992. Several days ago there was information on different portals that on the 10th of June at the summit of Commonwealth of independent States, just before the Day of Independence, Russia ceremonially gives up Pridnestrovie. Who is interested in such disinformation and how do you estimate social and political situation in the Republic?

— It can be advantageous for Moldova. It is Republic of Moldova which is interested in destabilizing the situation, thats why it uses disinformation. Slander to our address is a common thing. I think that any agreements on Pridnestrovie cant be signed because of several reasons political and because of international rights (speaking about 5+2 format of solving Moldo-Pridnestrovian conflict). They understand in Moscow that there was a Referendum in Pridnestrovie last year, during which more then 97% o Pridnestrovians voted for union with Russia and for building absolutely independent state. How can anybody speak about any agreements on Pridnestrovian question without asking Pridnestrovies people? Such ideas are unpromising and irrelevant. Chisinau is interested in this informational throws. This theme is appearing through mass media and journalists, who were well-paid. This doesnt stabilize the situation, social and political degree is growing. I do not exclude that if there will be another blockade, I speak about blockade of import in Pridnestrovie, it will lead to destabilizing situation in the Republic.

— What, in your opinion, caused rumours about resignation of President Igor Smirnov?

— These are the elements of one chain. First there is some information, that agreements will be signed behind Pridnestrovie, afterwards information comes about resignation of the President. It is made to make people be not sure in the future, to make elite fight for power, to lower prestige and administrative and political status of the head of the state. This information has no grounds: there are no declarations of the President, there arent any declarations of his most close people. So these ideas are generated in a propagandistic Department of Moldova with the help from the West, which directs and designs today all Moldovan propaganda.

— Are such often visits of the Americans connected with this informational volleys to our side?

— In fact, Western structures together with Moldova follow a well-known scenario of preparing color revolution. It includes massive disinformation, talks about signing some secret plan in accordance with which Pridnestrovie will become part of Moldova, talks about resignation of the President. Afterwards a shuttle diplomacy begins, when different officials of diplomatic and administrative rank come. They negotiate with non governmental organizations, journalists of different media about further cooperation. The only thing that can prevent this is consolidation of elite with people in understanding that we can provide rights and freedoms of the citizens only if we have our own statehood. Just imagine what will happen if Pridnesrtrovie will suddenly disappear tomorrow, if we will exist in Moldova where they were ceremonially meeting terrorists from Buzhor (Peony) group. They were met as heroes, but they are the very people who killed Pridnestrovians in 1992. You can still watch language, ethnic discrimination in Moldova. If we dont have a protection mechanism like our own statehood, all these things will happen here.

— What should be the reaction of civil society?

— There many different ways to resist to the order that is forced from outside. These can be protest actions, magic political shows and just disagreement with the visiters from the West.

— Speaking about pressing of Pridnestrovie, will the Ukraine take part in the next blockade of Pridnestrovie?

— It is, of course, rather a specific question for diplomats. Never the less, as a political scientist I can say: Ukraine will of course take part in it partially, because it cant help taking into account the opinion of Moldova, European Union, USA, who press it seriously. Moreover, there is a division in the Ukraine: Presidential vertical is orientated to the West; the Cabinet and Supreme Rada in the eastern Patriotic direction. Split inside the Ukraine influences of course Pridnestrovie. I think that the Ukraine wont follow all the terms that Moldova proposes, but still we will probably have problems with import.

— How appropriate are the talks about changing peacekeeping format in PMR, what is your opinion?

— Western diplomats have become very active in this question, so these talks are more then appropriate. The question is how justified are they? On the one hand Russia is seriously pressed in the theme about changing peacekeeping format in Pridnestrovie. But on the other hand we dont have a right to leave Russia along with its dialogue with the West. Pridnestrovie must actively express its opinion and to emphasize, that only Russian peacekeepers can be here. Thanks to them Dniester banks live in peace. NATO peacekeepers couldnt provide peace neither in Kosovo, nor in other places.

This interview was sounded on the PMR Radio, and published in the newspaper RUSSIAN PRORIV!.


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