Приднестровский Прорыв

People’s Democratic Party “PRORIV!” (“Breakthrough” in English) was founded in June 2006 based on the International Youth Corporation “PRORIV!” (leader – Alena Arshinova). International Youth Corporation was first a student organization created as a counter to forces which looked toward the realization of “flower revolutions” at the territory of Pridnestrovie.

Dmitrii Soin, sociologist and former officer of the Transnistrian ministry of state security, was the first to bring the idea of creation of the Party. Roman Konoplev, an obscure Russian strategist and publicist, took part in formulating ideological documents of the Party.

Alexander Gorelovskii, combatant of the period of armed conflict between Moldova and Pridnestrovie, one of the leaders of the Party “PRORIV!”.

According to modern political vernacular members of the Party are called “breakthroughers”.

People’s Democratic Party “PRORIV!” supported Igor Smirnov during presidential elections in the December 2006.

After presidential elections in 2006, Pridnestrovian Mass Media stop the informational support of “PRORIV’s!” activities. Hereafter “PRORIV!” starts the campaign of supporting political rights and freedom in Pridnestrovie. The central link of the Party’s ideology is recognition of PMR, promotion of the idea of Pridnestrovie’s integration to Russia, struggle for preservation of Russia’s presence in the region of Moldavian-Pridnestrovian conflict.

Alena Arshinova

Dmitry Soin

Roman Konoplev

Aleksandr Gorelovsky


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